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About Us

We represent several saints such as Santa Muerte, Saint Simon, Saint Juditas, Santo Niño de Atocha, Malverde and other saints of Santera.

Each saint helps with protection, luck, or different purposes. La Santa Muerte for example can help with protection and abundance; it opens roads, cures diseases, and helps the drug addict.

Saint Simon also helps on all these matters, the only difference is that he is in Carne viva and La Niña is the Death.

We also have Archangel motives which help with protection and luck; we offer also objects with Saint Juditas, Santo Niño de Atocha, the Virgin Mary, and more! They are good for protection and help open roads, peace, and abundance.

Malverde is another saint that is used for protection. In general opens roads to ward off envy and all negative things. 

We also carry candlelight fires and oils of each saint. Everything necessary to condiment all kinds of religious saints of santera like oh un Yemaya Orisha Ogun from his Palo santo, smoked fish, Corojo butter, flowery water, clean baths, amulets of each saint, bracelets, and necklaces of protection and abundance as well as rosaries. 

We have everything you need for all kinds of religion and devotion.

Find everything you need in our store!